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100% French, offers you to know everything about "nicopods" or "nicotine pouches". A practical and more socially acceptable alternative to all those who need a nicotine intake without combustion. All products presented and offered on our site are guaranteed tobacco free.

Most of the manufacturers of nicopods or nicotine pouches that we sell are based in Sweden, Denmark and England.

Nicotine pouches are generally made from vegetable fibers, flavors and pharmaceutical grade nicotine. However, for a complete list of ingredients for certain products, we invite you to contact the manufacturer of the product(s) you are particularly interested in.

Nicopods" or "nicotine pouches" are very different from SNUS..

If the snus is a wet tobacco powder consumed mainly in Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Norway and Switzerland.

The "nicopods" or "nicotine pouches" that we offer DO NOT CONTAIN TOBACCO.

The method of consumption, which consists of placing the product between the gum and the upper lip and keeping it in place, is the same.

Nicotine pouches are a discreet alternative for those who want to get away from burnt and/or heated tobacco.

No. The nicopods or nicotine pouches on sale on our site are TOBACCO-FREE, so the risk of staining teeth is quite low.

Contrary to popular belief, nicotine is not carcinogenic. For a successful smoking cessation, nicotine is not a problem, it is even the solution ...

Nicotine does not cause cancer, but excessive use can cause nausea, headaches and a rapid heart rate.

It is not recommended to use nicotine during pregnancy as it can potentially harm the fetus.

The side effects associated with snus use do not apply to "nicopods" or "nicotine pouches" since the product does not contain tobacco.

The nicotine in this product is highly addictive. Its use by non-smokers is not recommended.

For a first experience we advise you to choose a median nicotine rate (around 6 mg), or around strength 3.

The strength scale refers only to the nicotine content and effect of a packet, and does not include other factors such as taste.

Most manufacturers of "nicopods" or "nicotine pouches" use a rating of 1 to 5 from lowest to highest nicotine dosage. If 1 on the scale is the lowest, 5 is the highest nicotine dosage.

The doses of nicotine pouches are quite low, so don't worry, it's not dangerous. However, if you don't feel well, we advise you to contact your doctor.

The "Nicotine pouches" or "nicotine bags" are very easy to use. Simply place the pouch under your upper lip and it will deliver the nicotine and its flavors.

Being discreet and practical, you can use them wherever you want, at work, during business trips, on a trip ... wherever and whenever you want and / or feel the urge.

If the effect of "nicopods" or "pouches of nicotine" can last up to 1 hour, the average generally observed is 20 to 45 minutes.

NO, chewing or sucking the "Nicotine pouches" or "pouches of nicotine" would deliver the nicotine contained in the bag too quickly.  In order to be most effective, they should be placed under the upper lip until the active ingredients are completely dissolved.

Each person is different in front of the same dose of nicotine. If you are experiencing withdrawal or cravings, the nicotine level in your nicopods or pouches is probably too low for you and is not sending a strong enough signal to your brain's "reward center" resulting in a craving. In order to fill this gap, change to pouches with a higher nicotine content will certainly solve the problem, it would be a shame to fall back into tobacco...

Of course and we encourage you to do so!  The "nicopods" or "nicotine pouches" provide your brain with information about the intake of nicotine, by spacing the intake and decreasing the rate of nicotine pouches over time, your dependence will be reduced. Be careful not to do it too quickly, but rather very gradually so as not to feel the urge to smoke again ... it would be a shame.

To preserve the taste and effectiveness of your "nicopods" or "nicotine pouches" in an optimal way, it is advisable to close the box after each use and consume within a week of opening. Avoid exposing them to moisture.

It all depends on your addiction and your consumption habits: a box containing 15 to 20 pouches can last 2 to 3 days as well as 1 day. If your consumption is important try a higher nicotine rate will help you to lower your consumption.

We advise you to consume the products before the deadline for optimal use indicated on the packaging, this will guarantee the freshness and optimal quality of products, however past this date, it is no danger to health.

If you do not have a trash can nearby, place them in the small lid opposite the main opening of your box of "nicopods" or "pouches of nicotine". Some manufacturers use boxes with a receptacle for this purpose.

Yes of course, the boxes are generally made of polypropylene, we encourage you to throw your box of "nicopods" or "pouches of nicotine" in the yellow garbage can so that it is recycled.

Most pouches cannot be recycled, we recommend that you dispose of them with your household waste.