Cigarette smoke is responsible for many carcinogenic diseases because combustion releases hundreds of toxic substances. As a result, smoking is the leading cause of preventable premature death, killing approximately 70,000 people each year in France. To counter the harmful effects of this phenomenon, tobacco alternatives allow you to quit smoking while reducing the risks to your health. is the leading French website specializing in the online sale of nicotine pouches. Committed to a world without cigarettes, we want to provide an effective solution to allow smokers to find an alternative to tobacco. Are you questioning about nicotine pouches? Nicopouches answers all your questions with this guide to learn all about these tobacco-free alternatives ! The is aimed at consumers looking for information on the product, advice on the choice of nicotine pouches or the mode of consumption.

The information below will be valuable. They allow to understand the origins and usefulness of this new alternative to tobacco in order to guarantee the best support.​


Get to know this tobacco-free alternative

Nicotine pouches are the latest innovations in terms of tobacco-free alternatives. Coming from Sweden, these options are intended for adult nicotine users. Smokers looking for an alternative to tobacco, vapers looking for a complement to vaping or the nicotine consumer who wants a more modern substitute. To know everything about nicotine pouches, this is where it happens!

Nicotine pouches, a modern product with ancestral origins

The history of snus goes back to many centuries ago. Snuff became popular, especially in France, as it served as a medicine to soothe headaches in the 16th century. It was in the 18th century that a new form of snuff appeared in Sweden: snus. Pre-moistened, it is placed under the upper lip and replaces chewing tobacco, which has become relatively expensive. Since 1992, snus has been banned in the European Union, except in Sweden and other northern countries. For some years now, a derivative to traditional snus has appeared and acts as an alternative product to tobacco : nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches : what aare these tobacco-free alternatives ?

Nicotine pouches are inspired by snus, a popular product in Sweden, which makes it the country with the fewest smokers and the lowest lung cancer rate in the world. Although the pouches are used in the same way, they remain radically different from snus because they do not contain tobacco. They are designed for adult smokers and nicotine users looking for a legal alternative to tobacco, practical and easy to use.

Nicopouches, snus, pouches, nicotine pouches, nicotine sachets, nicopods ?

There are many names for this new alternative to tobacco. While regulars call it snus and confuse it with the tobacco-containing Swedish product, we at Nicopouches, talk about "nicotine pouches" or "pouches". In Anglo-Saxon countries you will hear “nicotine pouches”.

Who are these tobacco alternatives intended to ?

First of all, it is important to remember that this tobacco-free alternative is exclusively intended for adults who use tobacco and nicotine. It is strongly unadvised for pregnant or breastfeeding women. Pouches are intended for three types of profiles :

  • Smokers ooking for an alternative product to cigarettes other than vaping, patches, chewing gum or other nicotine products.
  • Vapers who need an electronic cigarette supplement that can be used anywhere and anytime.
  • Nicotine users who feel the need to turn to a more modern approach to nicotine consumption that is more suited to their daily lives.

What ingredients in nicotine pouches ?

Pouches are generally composed of the following ingredients :

  • WATER (Standard nicotine pouches are slightly moistened)
  • OTHER INGREDIENTS according to the recipes of each nicotine pouches manufacturer

At the time of your purchase, you can access the list of ingredients for your pouches in the product description. Note that pouches containing nicotine should not be used by allergic or sensitive people to nicotine or any other ingredient mentioned on the label on the back of the product.

Use of pouches

What are the advantages of this tobacco-free alternative ?

There are numerous advantages about this alternative to tobacco.

  • 1. These are tobacco-free products. Pouches therefore act as a reduced risk alternative for the health of consumers compared to smoked tobacco cigarettes.
  • 2. Nicopods do not give off any smoke, steam or bad smells.
  • 3. You can use them wherever and whenever you want, discreetly ! Your entourage will not notice it !
  • 4. Tobacco-free snus does not use any electronic devices, so they are very easy to use on a daily basis.
  • 5. Pouches are effective very quickly : the urge to smoke disappears in just a few moments !


How to use this alternative tobacco ?

Using this tobacco-free alternative is relatively simple. Indeed, a few gestures are enough and there is no complicated setting to find.

  • OPEN your box of nicopods.
  • PLACE a pouch under your upper lip.
  • FEEL the effects of nicotine and aromas that are released for 30 minutes.
  • THROW your used nicotine pouch in the compartment provided for this purpose.
  • START AGAIN whenever you feel the need.

Once these gestures have been accomplished, it is important to know how to use this tobacco alternative to get the best experience. A few small gestures can change the quality of your consumption. For example, be sure to position your pouches correctly under the upper lip and not to drink, eat, smoke or vape at the same time as you consume nicotine pouches !

All the good advice is gathered on our dedicated page. Check it out !


Where to use tobacco-free snus ?

You can use your tobacco-free snus wherever and whenever you want, and of course with complete discretion! Indeed, their main advantage is that they do not emit smoke or vapor. So you can use this tobacco alternative in all places where vaping and smoking is prohibited, for example :

Using this tobacco-free alternative frees your hands and allows you to receive a nicotine intake discreetly! Public spaces are no longer an obstacle to satisfy your craving for nicotine. You just have to place your sachet under the lip and let it act wherever you are !


Throw your used pouch un the right place

Once your pouch no longer releases its flavors or nicotine, it's time to throw it away. But be careful not to throw your pouches anywhere. Indeed, the right thing to do, if you do not have a trash can nearby, is to put it in the pouches’ can compartment provided especially for this purpose. Otherwise, pouches must be thrown in the waste bin because they are not recyclable. However, some plastic cans of tobacco-free snus are recyclable and go into a sorting bin! Remember to check, good practices are very simple.

Find the tobacco-free alternative you need

You want to try the experience with nicotine pouches but you may need a little help. The universe of nicotine pouches is vast. Many brands offer several references available in several formats, several flavors, several sizes and nicotine dosages... shares all the tips for you to be able to find tobacco-free snus that meet your needs and desires.

How to choose the nicotine level of your pouches ?

These tobacco-free alternatives come in five strengths: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Strong, Extra Strong. In order to identify the nicotine level that is right for you, you must assess your cigarette consumption. If it is :

  • between 1 and 5 cigarettes :we recommend Extra Light or Light nicopods so between 0 and 3 mg per pouch
  • between 5 and 10 cigarettes : we advise you Medium pouches he equivalent of 3 to 7 mg of nicotine per pouch
  • between 10 and 20 cigarettes : we advise you Extra Strong nicotine pouches so 7 to 11 mg of nicotine per pouch
  • more than 20 cigarettes : nous vous conseillons des nicotine pouches Extra Strong so 11mg of nicotine per pouch, or even more!

However, if this is your first time consuming this tobacco-free alternative, we recommend familiarizing yourself with Extra Light or Light nicotine pouches and then gradually adjust the nicotine dosage according to the feeling and the needs.

  • For an “average” smoker or vaper : Start with an Extra Light or Light dosage (between 1 and 4 mg/pouch) even if it means consuming a lot of pouches, then gradually increasing the dosage while reducing the number of used pouches.
  • For a “heavy” smoker or vaper : Take the same approach but starting with a Medium dosage (around 4 to 8 mg/pouch).


What are the different formats of this tobacco alternative ?

This alternative to tobacco does not simply come in numerous dosages. Indeed, there are 4 pouches formats with different characteristics :

  • LARGE : These are the largest pouches, weighing up to 1g
  • SLIM : This is the most common format on the market.
  • SUPER SLIM : These nicotine pouches are even thinner than the Slim pouches
  • MINI : This is the smallest format of nicotine pouches, completely invisible under the lip

The size of your sachets will directly influence two factors : the time of spreading and discretion. The larger the pouch, the longer the diffusion of nicotine and aromas. However, it is obvious that it will be less discreet under the lip


What are the different flavors of this alternative to tobacco ?

There are several aromatic universes for nicotine pouches :

  • “CLASSIC” POUCHES With tobacco or hemp aromas, these pouches make it possible not to rush the transition between the cigarette and the pouches too much.
  • MENTHOL TOBACCO FREE SNUS They keep your breath fresh or even extra fresh.
  • FRUITY POUCHES With aromas of red fruits, wild berries or black berries etc.
  • POUCHES WITH GOURMET FLAVORS Like cola or bubble gum...
  • FRESHNESS NICOPODS These are generally variations of menthol.
  • COCKTAILS TOBACCO FREE SNUS With non-alcoholic beverage flavors.


What is the difference between dry, wet ant hybrid nicopods ?

These tobacco-free alternatives are also declined by types. Indeed, you can find Dry pouches, wet pouches (also called Standard) or even hybrid pouches. Each type of tobacco-free snus has well-defined characteristics :

  • WET OR STANDARD POUCHES are the most represented pouches on the market. These are pre-moistened pouches that allow instant release of flavors and nicotine.
  • DRY POUCHES are dried up pouches. The release of aromas and nicotine is a little slower but allows for a longer duration of use and consumption than Standard sachets.
  • HYBRIDS contain a flavor bead in the pouch. Once snapped between the teeth, the bead instantly humidifies the pouch and releases an additional aroma that boosts flavor and diffusion time. Hybrid tobacco-free snus has the advantage of long shelf life.

What are the best snus without tobacco ?

Among the wide range of tobacco-free snus brands, it's not easy to choose what will best suit you. Keep in mind that the best nicotine pouches will be those that meet your needs and desires. Based on this, you need to determine the size, type, dosage and flavors that will satisfy you.

But if we had to name some of the best brands in this tobacco-free alternative, we would advise starters and regulars to turn to Velo, Volt, Loop, Skruf, White Fox, Killa, Ace, BIT, 77 or even D'LICE. Indeed, in our opinion, these brands will offer you an experience that will not disappoint you. The quality of their pouches is undeniable. You can then enjoy minty, fruity and gourmet notes. Find our guide to know more !


The effects of nicotine pouches

As you know, nicotine pouches are tobacco-free alternatives allowing a more modern consumption of nicotine. If after using a pouch you have a tingling sensation, don't worry, your body is getting used to this new way of consuming nicotine. Nicopouches therefore clarifies the points of doubt by explaining to you what the effects of these news are alternatives to tobacco, what are the right actions to adopt or the duration of consumption in order to benefit from an optimal experience.

New tobacco alternative : side effects

It is important to remember that contrary to popular belief, nicotine is not a carcinogenic substance. The main cardio-respiratory diseases caused by cigarettes are due to the combustion of this one and not because of nicotine. This is very addictive. Using the right dosage of nicotine is essential to prevent possible symptoms related to overdose. Remember that the use of nicotine pouches is not recreational and is done with moderation.


Why these tobacco-free alternatives tingle ?

The tingling sensation is normal. During the first uses, it is quite normal to feel a tingling sensation on the gums during consumption. This is a sign that the aromas and nicotine are starting to spread. They disappear after a few minutes and with practice. To reduce this phenomenon, change the location of your pouch under the lip or drink a little water.


What to do if i swallow a pouch ?

If you accidentally swallow a bag of nicotine or ingest the powder in the pouch, rinse your mouth and drink water. During the following hours, monitor your state of health. If one or more symptoms or any other unusual or undesirable effects appear, seek medical advice and show the product label to the physician. But no worries, swallowing a nicotine pouch is not fatal.


What is the difference between nicotine pouches and snus ?

Although nicotine pouches and snus are similar in appearance and mode of consumption, in every other aspect they are diametrically opposed. Snus is a product made from tobacco. It is rare to find flavored snus. Its consumption is only authorized in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Switzerland. Its distribution is prohibited in other European countries. Pouches are, on the contrary, tobacco-free products. Their advantages are undeniable. Those are alternatives to tobacco that offer nicotine support to smokers who have not decided to completely stop nicotine consumption. They are discreet and can be used anywhere. On the other hand, they do not yellow the teeth unlike snus. They are also available in several nicotine strengths, sizes and flavors.


Nicotine is not carcinogenic

A majority of French people wrongly believe that nicotine is carcinogenic. This is a received idea! As a reminder, nicotine is not responsible for carcinogenic diseases linked to tobacco but only for addiction. It is the smoke from tobacco cigarettes that releases hundreds of toxic substances when burned. Tobacco-free, smoke-free, vapor-free, nicotine pouches are less harmful alternatives to traditional cigarettes. However, if you are not a consumer of nicotine products, do not start with nicotine pouches !

Received ideas about this new tobacco-free alternatives

Pouches are known under different names but it is with snus that many people seem to confuse them. Alternative nicotine products to cigarettes have been the subject of many amalgams. To help you understand everything, Nicopouches deconstructs some received ideas about nicotine pouches.

Nicotine pouches: these tobacco alternatives are not weaning tools

Nicotine pouches are not thought of as smoking cessation tools. It is rather an alternative to cigarettes. These devices simply allow a different consumption of nicotine and reduced health risks compared to a smoked cigarette. They also take over when it is impossible for you to smoke or vape. Thus, tobacco-free snus allows you to meet your nicotine craving anywhere and anytime.

Can you consume a tobacco-free snus with an exceeded MDD ?

n exceeded Minimum Durability Date on your cans of nicotine pouches does not in any way mean that your pouches are expired! Unlike a Use By Date, products with an expired MDD can be consumed without health risks. Nicotine pouches with an exceeded MDD can be still consumed, however a slight loss of flavor or even a less good diffusion of nicotine can be observed. For an optimal experience, consider consuming your pouches within the opening of the box’s days. On the other hand, there are several ways to keep your nicopouches longer ! Keep them away from light, heat and humidity ! Another tip : put them in the fridge for better preservation !


In addition to offering you the best nicotine sachet references, Nicopouches is committed to passing on its expertise by answering all your questions and exploring different topics in greater depth in specific blog articles. If you haven't found all the answers to your questions in our guide to everything you need to know about nicotine sachets, send an e-mail to !