The price of cigarettes is increasingly high and continues to rise steadily. For many people, smoking represents a very important expense, in addition to being dangerous for their health.

Quitting smoking is not only a choice to take care of your health, it is also a way to save money. To stop smoking, choose a suitable nicotine substitute, such as nicotine sachets.

There are many nicotine substitutes to help you quit smoking. The best known is of course the electronic cigarette or e-cigarette, but there are many others: chewing gums, lozenges, sucking tablets, nicotine patches ... Nicotine pouches are the latest novelty in the world of nicotine substitutes.

With our calculator, find out how much money you can save by choosing nicotine pouches as a nicotine substitute rather than the electronic cigarette to help you in your smoking cessation.

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