What you have to know about nicotines pouches with a passed minimum durability date

It is well known, nicotine pouches allow you to satisfy your need for nicotine. But what happens once the MDD or Minimum Durability Date passed? Do nicotine pouches expire? If so, is it really safe to consume them after the date mentioned on their box? No worries, we explain everything!

​Can we consume nicotine pouches with an expired MDD?

A MDD is a Minimum Durability Date. Unlike the expiration date, products exceeding the MDD can be consumed without danger to health. Thus, we cannot talk about expired nicotine pouches because you can continue to consume them with the expired MDD with peace of mind. The Minimum Durability Date mentioned on your box is only an invitation to consume your nicopods within a defined time limit so as to take full advantage of the product’s properties. No health indication is involved. However, you may feel on some bags of nicotine a slight loss of flavor for example, or possibly less diffusion of nicotine.

Nicotine pouches with expired MDD are not expired nicotine pouches. They are still consumable and we are allowed to sell them. You will find our selection of nicotine pouches with expired MDD at prices defying any competition on this page.

Our advice to keep your nicotine pouches

The manufacturers recommend consuming the bags of nicotine within 3 to 5 days after opening the box for optimal enjoyment. We also recommend that you keep your nicotine pouches away from light, heat and humidity. You can also place them in the refrigerator to better preserve them. Discover our tips to better store your nicotine pouches without tobacco by clicking here.

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