Who are we ?

Our philosophy :
A world without tobacco

The nicopods that you will find on our website www.nicopouches.fr are nicotine pouches without tobacco and they are in no way comparable to SNUS (apart from its mode of use). The paternity of "Nicotine pouches" or "nicopods" belongs to the tobacco industry ... it is antinomic but it is the reality. If we are part of the fight against smoking and we condemn tobacco products we can only highlight products that allow the reduction of risks and nicopods or nicotine pouches present on www.nicopouches.fr are an integral part of these products.

Nicotine pouches to keep smokers away from cigarettes :

Putting forward "Nicotine pouches" or "nicopods" manufactured by the tobacco industry to keep smokers away from cigarettes may seem inconsistent ... but we must recognize that some major players in this sector have decided a radical change in their segment by developing new products today. Nicotine pouches" or "nicopods" offer consumers a concrete option to keep them away from the catastrophic and unfortunate consequences of smoking.

Tips on using nicopods :

We are strongly against the evils of smoking and will never encourage consumers to smoke and/or use tobacco products (rolling tobacco, cigars, cigarettes, chewing tobacco, pipe tobacco, snus, etc...).

 For a successful smoking cessation nicotine is not a problem it is even the solution ... and if you are not a smoker or engaged in a process of stopping smoking we strongly advise against the use of "Nicotine pouches" or "nicopods".

Our commitment: to offer an alternative to cigarettes :

Our commitment and our goal is to provide smokers with an answer to help them enter a smoke-free world... Although we can't say that they allow you to stop smoking, nicopods are great alternatives to traditional cigarettes.
Welcome to a world without smoke and without tobacco, welcome to www.nicopouches.fr

Welcome to a smoke-free and tobacco-free world,
welcome to www.nicopouches.fr

Nicopouches.fr, the first French nicotine website
pouches or Nicopods

French reference in nicopods or nicotine pouches, Nicopouches is the first French online store specialized in nicotine pouches. All the best brands of nicotine pouches from all over Europe are in the catalogue, Nicopouches wishes to bring you its expertise in order to make you live the best possible experience with nicotine pouches. Whether you know these products or not, we want you to discover the best in terms of evolution of snus without tobacco: the nicotine pouches or nicotine bags these 2.0 products that revolutionize the snus.

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