What are the effects of nicotine pouches on one’s health ? How long should they keep it in their mouth ?

Straight from Sweden, nicotine pouches are small bags one slips between their mouth and gums. Giving up on smoking has recently been endowed with a new alternative : nicopods. Smokers committed to quitting smoking glimpse a solution to manage their daily nicotine intake. As nicotine pouches are gaining in popularity, brands are growing in number, leading consumers to wonder. What are the effects of nicotine pouches on one’s health ? How long should they keep it in their mouth ?

Giving up on smoking : What happens when you switch from cigarettes to nicotine pouches ?

The sensation can be surprising on the very first try of nicopods. There might be a slight tingling impression or dryness in the mouth. To know more about side effects of nicotine pouches when one first tries, read our article.

When a smoker uses nicotine pouches instead of cigarettes, they reduce the risk of developing smoking-related disease. The burning of cigarettes is the most harmful part while smoking. This consumption means is often associated with cardiovascular diseases and cancers. Harmful substances such as carbon monoxide, tar and heavy metals are absorbed. One should bear in mind that nicopods are less damaging but not inoffensive, recalls Pr Steinberg from Rutger Global Health Institute. Remember, nicotine is not carcinogenic. Even if it is at the root of the addiction, control of the nicotine dosage allows smoking to be stopped. If you are a non-smoker, do not try to consume nicotine pouches. They are intended to be used by smokers in the process of quitting smoking. Giving up cigarettes in favour of nicopods is also beneficial for those around you. Indeed, passive smoking is just as harmful to the health of others. By consuming nicotine pouches, you protect people around you from passive smoking.

Risks and effects : How to forestall nicotine overdose with nicotine pods ?

The effects of nicotine pouches, nicopods, white snus or whatever they are called, do exist. Thus, it needs to be responsibly and reasonably consumed. It is essential to know about your level of addiction. There is no question of a lethal dosage, but a critical amount of nicotine in your body causing discomfort and other symptoms. Nicotine is not toxic enough to cause death, a deadly dose would be difficult to achieve in itself. Before overdosing, some symptoms should warn you. The first signs are usually headaches, nausea or even palpitations. Some people also have these symptoms: vomiting, dizziness, pasty mouth, insomnia, diarrhoea… These symptoms appear for excessive nicotine consumption by other means as well. (cigarettes, e-cigs, gums…). Nicotine overdose does not always require medical attention. However, if you are concerned about your symptoms, consult a health professional.

To avoid overdosing on nicotine, make sure to space out your nicotine intake. Be especially aware if you are using a combination of methods. For want of anything better, keep the same nicotine intake habis. Maintain your ritual moments without adding new ones. For instance : if you don't usually smoke while driving, do not take nicopods at this moment.

5 reasons why you should giving up on smoking cigarettes for nicotine pouches

Waste separation

The nicotine pouches are packaged in boxes to keep them fresh, but not only that... These boxes have a compartment where you can put your used nicotine when you don't have immediate access to a waste bin. Your nicopouche box is fully recyclable. When you are done, you can dispose it in the appropriate bin.

100 % discreet

How many times have you needed to smoke without being able to do so ? During a meeting or an appointment, in cinema or even in public transport, there are plenty of scenarios. Yet, you only need to slip a pod under the lip. You will have a discreet supply of nicotine without the unpleasant smell of cold tobacco.

Take a deep breath : smoke is far behind.

The wind blows, your smoke is deflected onto the people next to you. This kind of situation can be unpleasant for those around you. Nicopouches help you to avoid these delicate situations. They do not require combustion.

Chose your flavour

The brands have redoubled their ingenuity to offer nicotine pouches with delightful, fruity and fresh flavours. Nicotine intake is also a taste pleasure, especially thanks to different flavours. When trying to give up on smoking, frustration can be the worst enemy. Smokers who have found a suitable alternative are more likely to successfully quit. Nicotine replacement products allowing you to forget the taste or the smell of cigarettes have been shown to be effective. Also, think of mentholated nicopouches for a fresh breath sensation, for example.

Dose out your nicotine intake

Levels of addiction are variable from a smoker to another. Hence the five levels of nicotine concentration available at nicopouches : from extra-light to extra-strong. So, for a beginner, you would start with extra-light or light nicopods repeatedly throughout the day. Then, you would diminish the number of daily intakes with higher concentrated nicopouches. Nicotine can create a tingling sensation on your gums the first few times. It is part of the effect of nicotine pouches. That is why we advise to start with small nicotine pouches that contain little nicotine. If you are a beginner and would like to know more, read our article on how to choose your nicotine pouches.

How long should they keep it in their mouth ?

On Nicopouches.fr, every description mentions a delivery time. It corresponds to the diffusion of the flavour and nicotine. How long should they keep it in their mouth ? On average, a nicotine pouch is to be maintained for 20 to 45 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes. You can choose the duration of diffusion according to the size of our nicopouche. The bigger nicopods you choose, the longer it releases nicotine. For a long length, between 40 and 60 minutes, use a large nicotine pod. For a medium one, between 30 and 45 minutes, take delight in a slim or superslim pod. For a brief tasting (between 25 and 35 minutes), have a size mini.

After this time in the mouth, your nicopouche no longer releases anything. Throw it away in a waste bin or put it in the compartment on the top of the box. Discover our advice to choose the right format.

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