Learn with NicoPouches how to use nicotine pouches to take full advantage of this new smoking cessation tool.

Nicotine pouches are used by placing them under the lip. They do not contain tobacco, only natural fibers, nicotine and aromas. They are discreet and can be used everywhere and whenever you want.

How to use nicotine pouches

Open the box

Practical and discreet, nicotine pouches follow you everywhere in your daily life. Each box contains between 15 and 24 pouches depending on the brand and manufacturer.

Place a pouch under your lip

The nicotine pouches are to be positioned under the upper lip in contact with the gum, preferably on the side so that they are discreet.

Throw the used bag into the compartment

The nicotine pouches include a compartment for disposing of used pouches. Convenient! By the way, did you know that nicotine pouch boxes are recyclable ? Remember to dispose of them in the appropriate garbage cans.

Duration of use

CBD pouches release CBD molecules and aromas sustainably for 30 minutes (duration varies slightly depending on brands and manufacturers). The soothing effects of CBD usually kick in within minutes and continue for a long time.