Nicopouches details all the beneficial properties of CBD products.

Subject to extremely strict health controls, CBD produced and extracted in a laboratory ensures a safe experience. Products containing this molecule are classified as food supplements and as such meet the standards of this industry.

The benefits of CBD on the body

CBD, anxiety and fears

People who are subject to intense stress, generalized anxiety or who sometimes have to face anxiety attacks can use CBD products to help them better manage these stressful situations. Taken regularly as a dietary supplement, CBD is known to have a beneficial effect on the body, making it easier to relax without getting high or stoned. CBD generally helps to keep one's powers of concentration during anxiety attacks.

CBD, sleep aid

CBD has a mild sedative effect which, if consumed in the evening after a meal, can help you fall asleep and thus ensure a good night's sleep and a better physical condition the next day.

CBD and nicotine withdrawal

When quitting or reducing nicotine use, most people may experience withdrawal. This is because nicotine is an addictive substance and the body reacts badly to it if it is no longer exposed to it. Consuming CBD products can help you deal with this withdrawal.

Other studies still in progress to prove other therapeutic virtues

The Nicopouches team is committed to promoting only those beneficial effects of CBD on the body that have been truly demonstrated by serious and unbiased scientific studies. Thus, we will never claim that CBD has medical virtues that can cure certain diseases. This is not the purpose of this molecule, which is legal in France. CBD products are not medicines. However, the growing interest of the general public for CBD could lead to other scientific studies in the future which could eventually demonstrate that this molecule has other benefits. We will keep you informed.