Recently arrived on the market in France, CBD products are perfectly legal to market and use. Nicopouches deciphers for you the jurisdiction around CBD

CBD products: Can I use them legally in France?

Since its authorisation for marketing and consumption by decree of the Ministry of Health in November 2017, CBD has been increasingly successful in France. Known for its properties that help relaxation and sleep, CBD is still not well known by the general public and is too often associated with majijuana, which contains another molecule with psychotropic effects. Let's decipher the differences between CBD and THC, and why CBD products are legal in France.

What are the differences between CBD and THC?

Hemp (cannabis sativa) contains several molecules called cannabinoids, each with its own properties. The best known, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), is responsible for the psychotropic effects of cannabis consumption. This is known as being "high" or "stoned", depending on the variety of cannabis, i.e. the disruption of the body and changes in the state of consciousness. Products containing THC are classified as narcotics and are therefore illegal in France. In contrast, CBD (or cannabidiol) does not cause psychotropic effects on the body and does not make the user "high", but provides a mild sedative effect that greatly contributes to the relaxation of the body and mind, and can also promote sleep. CBD is considered a dietary supplement and not a narcotic.

CBD is not addictive

As demonstrated by several scientific studies whose methods and conclusions have been validated by the French Ministry of Health, CBD does not cause addiction in the user. The effects caused by the consumption of CBD are also not considered psychotropic, and therefore do not cause "bad trips" (anxiety and anguish sometimes generated) as can be the case following exposure of the body to THC molecules.

CBD has therapeutic properties

CBD as a dietary supplement has properties that more and more scientific studies agree are beneficial to the body. If used regularly and conscientiously like any other dietary supplement, CBD can help you deal with moments of anxiety. Its mild sedative effect can also help you fall asleep and ensure a restful sleep. Finally, people going through a complete nicotine withdrawal process can manage the withdrawal by consuming CBD products during difficult periods.