CBD Pouches, nicopods, nicotine pouches, nicotine sachets... Nicopouches explains the differences between all these products.

CBD and nicotine pouches: how to choose?

A different composition

CBD pouches have the same appearance as nicotine pouches. They are made from natural hemp fibres and extracted CBD produced in a laboratory. They can be flavoured or not, depending on your preferences. Finally, they do not contain THC, the molecule that causes the psychotropic effects found in hemp. Some manufacturers offer products containing both CBD and nicotine to meet your needs if you are in the process of quitting smoking.

Different uses

Because of their different composition, CBD pouches and nicotine sachets are aimed at users with different needs. CBD pouches are very effective in preventing and managing anxiety and anxieties, as well as in promoting sleep. Nicotine pouches or nicopods are used as part of a smoking cessation process or as a natural alternative to traditional cigarettes. If you need to, you can also use pouches that contain CBD and nicotine in the same pouch.

A common mode of use

CBD pouches and nicotine sachets are used in the same way. Open a box of pouches and place a pouch under your upper lip. The molecules in the pouches are released orally into your body when they come into contact with the gums and mucous membranes. The sachet lasts for about thirty minutes. Practical and discreet, CBD pouches and nicotine pouches are invisible under the lip and can be used anywhere and anytime you want!

Additional benefits

CBD pouches do not cause psychotropic effects and are effective in calming anxiety. At Nicopouches, we know that quitting smoking can be a difficult effort to manage, which is why we recommend that smokers who wish to make the most of their nicotine withdrawal use CBD pouches during periods when withdrawal becomes too strong.