How to choose nicopods
when you are a beginner

A new way
to absorb nicotine

Unlike smoking and vaping, nicotine is not diffused through the lungs but directly through the gums. The pleasure felt in the throat when inhaling smoke from a traditional cigarette or vapour from an electronic cigarette, known as the Hit, is felt in a similar way: it is called the Kick. The higher the nicotine dosage, the greater the kick.

Tingling sensation: temporary only

For beginners, this new way of consuming nicotine requires a short adjustment period, usually a few uses. If you are using nicopods for the first time, you may feel a slight burning or tingling sensation. This is normal, as your body is not used to consuming nicotine this way. To alleviate this, we advise you to change the position of your nicopod under your lip or to drink some water.

Dosages and strengths

Each nicopods manufacturer offers a specific nicotine content for their products, which is why there are many different dosages. To make it easier for you to understand, we have decided to use milligrams of nicotine per pouch. These many different strengths can be grouped into five main families, which we call strengths. There are five strengths of nicotine, from the weakest to the strongest: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Strong, Extra Strong.

Nicopods for beginners :
choosing the right strength

To "gently" reach the level of nicotine that corresponds to one's needs, without feeling the slight tingling under the lip during the body's (short) adaptation phase, manufacturers and testimonials from users of nicopods recommend:
- For an "average" smoker: start by using a low dosage of between 1 and 4 mg/pouch (found in the Extra Light and Light categories of our shop), even if it means consuming a lot of pouches, and then progressively increase the dosage, while reducing the number of pouches used.
- For a "heavy" smoker: adopt the same approach but start with a Medium dosage (around 6 mg/pouch).

Dry or Standard nicopods ?

The vast majority of products on the market are "Standard" pouches in the Slim format, i.e. slightly moist and of intermediate size. These offer instant delivery of flavours and nicotine, compared to the "Dry" type pouches which require moistening on contact with the gums to start delivering the flavour. The wetter a nicopod is, the faster the nicotine and flavours are released. The most popular size is Slim, but there are other sizes (Mini and Large) that are also popular.

Indulge yourself and choose your favourite flavours

The last step in choosing your nicotine packets, and probably the simplest, is the choice of flavours. As everyone's preferences are purely subjective, here is a brief overview of the different flavour worlds.

Classic-flavoured nicopods

Classic flavours like Virginia or similar to a tobacco taste, but of course without tobacco. Here you will find the best Classic nicopods that will remind you of the taste of your usual cigarettes, without all the dangers of smoking

Minty nicopods

For lovers of freshness, the different variations of our minty nicopods allow to feel different effects:
- nicopods with spearmint or chlorophyll for sweetness
- Fresh mint or iced for extreme refreshment
- Peppermint-flavoured nicopods for more powerful sensations

Fresh nicopods

Fresh nicopods with a variety of Fresh Mint variants: Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Iced (cooling effect)... Alone, mixed or with a touch of fruit, these mints are as refreshing as you could wish for! Fresh breath guaranteed!

Fruity nicopods

Nicopods flavoured with delicious fruit cocktails: Red or Wild Berries, Blackcurrant, Apple, Orange & Ginger, Mango, Passion Fruit, Lime or Zest... Whether alone or mixed, these fruity nicopods will give you a lot of pleasure.

Gourmet nicopods

Nicopods with different gourmet flavours: Coffee, Coffee & Chocolate, Vanilla and Coconut notes, Cinnamon, Liquorice... explore the gourmet universe of nicopods!

​ Nicopods are a healthy alternative to tobacco.

Nicopods have many advantages over snus and cigarettes. They are an innovative alternative to tobacco products, to satisfy your nicotine needs without endangering your health, and moreover, you can use them whenever and wherever you want