How to choose the nicotine rate of its nicotine pouches?

You don't know what the nicotine dosages are? NicoPouches helps you to choose your nicotine level!

NicoPouches helps you to better understand how to choose the nicotine levels of its nicotine pouches. 6mg/sachet, Soft, 11.2 mg/sachet, Extra Strong... Choosing your nicotine dosage when starting nicotine pouches is not always easy.

Nicotine levels and strength : all you need to know

On the websites of the manufacturers of nicotine packets, the dosages of nicotine pouches are indicated in milligrams of nicotine per gram. However, in order to make this clearer for you, we have decided to classify our products in milligram of nicotine per sachet.

Extra Light, Light, Medium, Strong and Extra Strong: the five strengths of nicotine

Each manufacturer of nicotine pouches proposes a specific nicotine content for the products they offer, which is why there is a multitude of different dosages. These very numerous dosages can nevertheless be grouped into five main families that we call strengths.

There are five main nicotine strengths, from the least strong to the strongest: Extra Light, Light, Medium, Strong, Extra Strong. In order to choose the nicotine pouches that best suit your needs, we invite you to refer to the following table to evaluate your cigarette consumption and obtain its nicotine equivalent in nicotine pouches.

Attention: the nicotine rates presented in this table are given as an indication. If you have quit smoking or if you have never smoked: do not consume nicotine pouches.

Dependency Theoretical equivalence in cigarette(s) per day Equivalence in Strength for nicotine pouches Dose of nicotine per packet
Strong More than 20 Extra Strong 11+ mg/pouch
Medium Between 10 and 20 Strong 7-11 mg/pouch
Low Between 5 and 10 Normal 3-7 mg/pouch
Very Low Between 1 and 5 Extra Light / Light 0-3 mg/pouch
Non-smoker Nicotine is a highly addictive substance. Its use by non-smokers is not recommended.

A new way to consume nicotine

After placing a packet of nicotine under your lip, it is possible that you feel a tingling or slight burning sensation. This is completely normal because your body is not used to taking nicotine orally. Some flavors containing menthol and/or fresh agents can intensify the taste of the product. this feeling. In order to reduce this burning sensation, you can change the position of the sachet, remove it momentarily and drink water.

Kick and hit: What is it?

The sensations felt when taking nicotine orally are called kick. It is the equivalent of the hit, the pleasure felt in the throat when inhaling smoke for the traditional cigarette or steam for the electronic cigarette. Plus the higher the nicotine dosage, the higher the kick.

Nicotine : Beware of under and overdoses

We recommend introducing yourself to nicotine pouches with a Medium dosage.

(between 3 and 7 mg of nicotine per sachet) ( Shop - Medium), then to adapt the strength to your nicotine needs. Indeed, an inadequate dosage would risk you making you want to start smoking again. If you want a more pronounced Kick, try the Strong or Extra Strong nicotine packets.

If on the contrary you feel some typical symptoms of an overdose in nicotine (headache, insomnia, palpitations...), we recommend that you switch to a nicotine Light or Extra Light dosage

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