​ Smoking and vaping is banned in more and more places, but these restrictions do not apply to nicotine pouches. Find out where and when you can use nicotine pouches

As the years go by, the legislation concerning cigarettes and e-cigarettes becomes more and more stringent. Many places have banned traditional or electronic cigarettes, and the trend does not seem to be about to be reversed. Nicotine pouches, on the other hand, are not covered by these laws because they do not give off smoke or vapor. Find out in which settings you can use nicotine packets (hint: there are many).

Where can you use nicotine pouches?

At the restaurant

It's cold, it's raining, your friends have stayed inside to drink their coffee while you smoke alone outside. So why not stay with them? The nicotine pouches can be used indoors in a convivial way and compensate for the absence of the gesture of smoking.

At work

No need to wait for your cigarette break to have an intake in nicotine! Nicotine pouches can be used at work at any time of the day. You control your tobacco addiction, and it feels so good to be free!


Nicotine pouches accompany you in all your most beautiful journeys. Long-haul flights, train or coach journeys, nothing stops you anymore! Nicotine pouches are effective in combating your sudden cravings for smoking. What's more, they can be used wherever and whenever you want, for a newfound freedom!

At the gym

No more dirty lungs! Choose from our energy pouches your favorite flavor to surpass yourself! The nicotine pouches do not give off smoke or steam, your lungs remain perfectly oxygenated! Surpass yourself !

At the movies

You have finished your popcorn and the movie lasts another hour. That's good, nicotine pouches allow you to continue the tasting. Fruity, gourmet or mentholated flavors, nicotine pouches occupy your mouth to divert your craving. Keep enjoying your movie!

Behind the wheel

No more passive smoking for your passengers. No more cold tobacco smell in the cabin and no more full ashtrays. With nicotine pouches, you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel. Happy driving!

In public transportation

Nicotine pouches accompany you during your daily travels. Subway, bus or streetcar, you can use nicotine pouches in the coaches, on the platform and in stations without disturbing the people around you.

During meetings

Very discreet, nicotine pouches are invisible under the lip. They are your dream companions for your meetings, presentations or seminars. Discreet tasting guaranteed!

With a mask

Continue to use nicotine pouches despite wearing a mask. Completely invisible,nicotine pouches accompany you, without you needing to handle your mask. Guaranteed nicotine intake and safety

Nicotine pouches can be used where and when you want to use them

​ You will have understood it, nicotine pouches do not give off either smoke or vapor. They are therefore not affected by the legislation and rules regarding cigarettes and tobacco. Nicotine pouches are discreet and can be used everywhere, indoors and outdoors, at work and in meetings, on public transport or when travelling, and even with a mask!