List of products by brand SKRUF

Founded in 2002, Skruf Snus is a Swedish company marketing snus. Skruf Snus is a giant in the snus and nicopods market.

 Skruf Snus is a "family" company specializing in the manufacture of snus founded in 2002, since 2018 it manufactures and markets pouches of nicotine or nicopods without tobacco "super white".

The pouches of nicotine skruf without tobacco are based on vegetable fibers, which makes them soft and smooth under the lip.The snus of the house SKRUF, appreciated by connoisseurs around the world, is known for its complex, novel and extremely tasty flavors.

With the light acidity of sun-drenched blackcurrant, these Skruf Purple Cassice nicotine pouches...
When tradition and modernity meet it creates Skruf Super White Nordic nicotine pouches with...
The union of blackberry and blackcurrant for a deliciously sweet pleasure, with a slight hint...