Extra Strong

Nicotine Pouches Extra Strong, extra strong, nicotine content higher than 11mg/pouch

The Nicotine Pouches Extra Strong are the most strongly dosed, with a nicotine content greater than 11 mg / sachet, they are reserved for informed users, for a first contact with the bags of nicotine we advise you to start with the pouches nicotine medium, and possibly increase the dosage thereafter if the need is felt.

Many brands offer these rates strong enough: ACE, LYFT, NIXS, NOON, NORDIC SPIRIT, ON!, SHIRO, SKRUF, WHITE FOX, ZYN ... aimed at adults with a strong addiction to nicotine.

The Nicotine Pouches do not allow to stop smoking, they represent a serious alternative to traditional cigarettes. Tobacco-based Snus is not authorized for sale in France.

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