Nicotine Pouches Medium with nicotine content: from 5 to 7mg / pouch

The nicotine pouches medium are the most common with a nicotine content between 5 and 7 mg / pouch are aimed at the majority of users.

This dosage of nicotine will suit you perfectly if you currently use nicotine pouches strong between 8 and 10mg / bag and you want to lower your nicotine level.

ACE, LYFT, NIXS, NOON, NORDIC SPIRIT, ON!, SHIRO, SKRUF, WHITE FOX, ZYN, most brands of nicotine pouches offer these rates of nicotine, you will necessarily find shoe to your foot here.

Nicotine Pouches do not allow you to stop smoking, they are a serious alternative to traditional cigarettes. Snus with tobacco is not authorized for sale in France.

Best sellers Medium

Stingfree is a revolutionary new type of nicotine pouch with a patented blue coating on one...
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