WHITE FOX Nicopods

White Fox Slim

Beware of appearances, the elegant packaging of White Fox nicotine pouches conceals many surprises! Inside the White Fox boxes, you'll find twenty nicotine pouches with a strong temperament.

Exclusively offered in the Slim format, which guarantees comfort and discretion in all circumstances, White Fox nicotine pouches are renowned for their high nicotine content. Expect a robust taste experience!

Intended for smokers who wish to reduce their cigarette consumption, nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco, only flavored vegetable fibers and nicotine. White Fox nicotine pouches are scented with subtle notes of mint for a particularly refreshing pleasure.

Choose your favorite shade of mint and experience White Fox Extra Strong nicotine pouches!

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The freshness of spearmint and the spiciness of peppermint for an Extra Strong kick that will...
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