NIXS Nicopods


NIXS nicotine pouches stand out thanks to their atypical flavors. Looking for nicotine pouches with the taste of tobacco without any of its disadvantages? N!XS nicotine pouches are perfect for you! Discover the Smokey Tobacco and Bergamot Tobacco flavors with its subtly tangy notes. More of a fan of fruity flavors? NIXS is also available in lemon or melon, with mint notes for a refreshing pleasure.

Available exclusively in Slim format, N!XS nicotine pouches are discreet under the lip and guarantee a great comfort of use. The nicotine and aromas are diffused for a long-lasting experience.

N!XS rigorously selects the ingredients present in its nicotine packets in order to offer a natural alternative to smokers who wish to reduce their cigarette consumption.

Say NO to tobacco with N!XS nicotine pouches.