Fruity Nicopods

Nicopods with multiple fruit variants: Red or Wild Berries, Blackcurrant, Apple, Orange & Ginger, Mango, Passion Fruit, Lime or Zest... Whether alone or mixed, these fruity nicotine pouches will give you a lot of pleasure.

Warning: Nicopods are a serious alternative to traditional cigarettes, although they are not allowed to be said to stop smoking, tobacco based Snus is not allowed to be sold in France.

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ICE Habanero X nicotine pouches pack a punch! Habanero pepper and blood orange notes!  Available...
€5.00 -29.5% €3.53
-29.5% New
Nicotine pouches KELLY WHITE Sweet Peach: the perfect choice for those looking for nicotine...
€5.83 -21.43% €4.58
-21.43% New
Nicotine pouches VOLT Red Swirl: a soft and sweet taste of summer fruits and berries. To...
€5.83 -21.43% €4.58
New from VELO: VELO Elderflower Spritz nicotine pouches! A summer flavor with their elderflower...
€5.83 -21.43% €4.58
It's tea time! Check out the VELO Royal Tea nicotine pouches and their notes of black tea and...
€5.83 -21.43% €4.58
Stroll through the Nordic fjords with the KLINT Mini Blåklint nicotine pouches: wild berry and...
€5.00 -27.66% €3.62