Taux de Nicotine

Depending on your addiction to tobacco and/or nicotine, the different brands of Nicotine Pouches offer sachets with higher or lower nicotine levels so that everyone can choose the right dosage. The nicotine levels range from 1.5 mg/g to nearly 20 mg/g for some brands of nicotine pouches, whether you're a weak or strong addict, you'll very quickly find the level that suits you.

The Nicotine Pouches do not allow you to stop smoking, they represent a serious alternative to traditional cigarettes. Tobacco-based Snus is not authorized for sale in France.

Apple, fresh mint and its flavor bead to be snapped for a long lasting diffusion. Live a fresh...
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A taste of wild strawberry slightly acidic: the nicotine pouches VELO Red Fruits are a ray of...
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