Nicotine Pouches Dry or Slim ? Rate of humidity or hygrometry of Nicotine Pouches

Nicotine pouches exist in different degrees of hygrometry, from dry through the slightly wet to almost very wet.

DRY Nicotine Pouches 

This first category if it is easily identifiable at ZYN with the words "DRY" for "DRY" it is a little less for others who do not seem to want to give particular indications, and it's a bit of a shame ... But don't worry, here are the 2 main protagonists that we have identified for you:

  • ZYN with its MINI DRY range
  • On! only selling Dry nicopouches

It should be noted that this type of Nicotine Pouches because they are not gorged with moisture remain Discrete for ZYN see Very Discrete for On!

STANDARD Nicotine Pouches

The majority of other brands of Nicotine Pouches SLIM have all a contained rate of hygrometry:

Very Low Moisture:


Low moisture:

  • Ace
  • Skruf
  • Lyft
  • White Fox
  • Nordic Spirit
  • Shiro
  • Loop
  • 4nx


Of course this moisture content as well as the shape of the bag influence the final size and weight.

For a first experience we can only advise you the nicotine pouches dry or "dry". They are both fine, and discreet, while rewarding you with exceptional flavors.

For the rest, try, all tastes and all forms are a matter of personal choice ...

Nicotine Pouches are not a way to quit smoking, they are a serious alternative to traditional cigarettes. Tobacco-based Snus is not authorized for sale in France.