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Nicotine pouches ICE Freeze: Menthol ice in strength Light with a kick of 4 mg per pouch. The...
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Fruity cocktail with V&You Berry nicopods! Delicately sweet aromas of wild strawberries and...
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Fresh or fruity? Why make a choice when you can have both! BIT Ice Blueberry X-Strong nicotine...
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CUBA White Blueberry Nicotine pouches: you will love its sweet blueberry notes and its Extra...
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A moment of sweet and minty pleasure with Helwit Mint nicotine pouches and their intense...
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A lovely sensation of polar mint with the sweetness of CBD. This pouch will fill you with...
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Site que je recommande les yeux fermés, très intuitif. Beaucoup de choix au niveau des produits. Livraison rapide et surtout un SAV plus que parfait en cas de problème je recommande fortement ce site a qui veut essayer de stopper la cigarette ou même pour les habitués du produit snus Je reviendrai c'est certain !

Romain C. le 24/05/2023

Délais de livraison très bon

Corentin C. le 23/05/2023


anonymous ANONYMOUS. le 20/05/2023

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How to choose your nicotine dosage for nicotine pouches?Read more

To choose your nicotine dosage in your nicotine pouches, Nicopouches advises you to use our Fagerstrom test. With this questionnaire, you will be able to accurately determine your nicotine needs and choose the strength of your nicopods. There is a wide variety of dosages specific to each brand and each manufacturer. At Nicopouches, to simplify your life, we have grouped these different dosages into five strengths. Discover our nicotine pouches Light and Extra Light for beginners with a reduced dosage of nicotine, to accustom your body to this new mode of delivery. All manufacturers offer nicotine pouches in Medium strength in a multitude of flavors. Finally, if you have important needs in nicotine during your smoking cessation, discover the nicotine pouches Strong and Extra Strong with a high dosage of nicotine for the demanding and experienced users.

What are nicotine pouches?Read more

Nicotine pouches are an alternative to traditional cigarettes. Nicotine pouches are new nicotine replacement products that can be of great help to you during your smoking cessation. Nicotine pouches are also called nicotine pouches, nicopods and tobacco free snus. They are inspired in form by the traditional Swedish snus. However, they do not contain tobacco, only nicotine, flavors and vegetable fiber. They are used by sliding them under the lip, with a diffusion of nicotine between 25 minutes and 45 minutes in contact with the gum. They are very discreet and are not noticed once placed under the lip. There are also bags without nicotine called Energy Pouches. These bags contain vitamins and natural molecules to help you find a boost. Nicopouches also presents you the CBD pouches with or without nicotine, which can help you to find relaxation and relaxation during your smoking cessation thanks to the supposed virtues of CBD.

What are the differences between snus and nicotine pouches?Read more

There is a fundamental difference between traditional snus and nicotine pouches. Indeed, the nicotine pouches are also called Snus without tobacco. They are the latest evolution of snus, the most consumed tobacco product in Scandinavia. They adopt the same shape and the same method of use, namely sachets to slip under the lip. However, unlike snus, nicotine pouches do not contain tobacco, only nicotine, flavors and vegetable fibers. Thus, nicotine pouches do not cause unsightly yellow stains on the teeth as does the traditional cigarette and snus.

How and why use nicotine pouches?Read more

Nicopouches tells you all about the mode of use of nicotine pouches. Nicotine pouches do not require combustion. Thus, they avoid exposing your lungs to the dangerous substances contained in cigarette smoke, such as toxic gases, heavy metals and additives used by cigarette manufacturers. Using nicotine pouches has several advantages, the most important of which is that you can continue to satisfy your nicotine needs while you quit smoking without exposing your lungs to harmful fumes. In addition, they protect those around you from the risks associated with passive smoking. Tobacco-free nicotine pouches or snus can be used anywhere, including places where smoking or vaping is prohibited. For example, you can use them on public transport, on trains and planes, in stores, in the cinema, in restaurants, at work or in meetings.

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